Text Box: Annabel Goodwin


Annabel’s sculptures are inspired by her love of nature, organic forms and the human form. Trained by the sculptor Beatrice Hoffman, she produces hand-built work for gardens and interiors. Her wild life pieces, such as hares, otters and birds amongst many, reflect the true form with a touch of her personal style and her plant and seed-head shapes are the inspiration for her organic garden forms. She also studies local country churches to inspire her more imaginary gargoyles.


She uses the heavier ‘crank’ clay allowing the texture to show through the piece to keep a raw, natural quality. She concentrates on the flow of line in each piece so the overall form pleases the eye as well as reflecting it’s true character. Many pieces are fired using underglazes only while some are glazed with a variety of stoneware glazes.


Annabel lives in South Northants and has exhibited her work in Forge2 Gallery, Culworth since 2009 and in the South Northants Arts Trail.



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