Text Box: Katie Robbins

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Text Box:

Smooth, tactile and translucent are the qualities that have drawn me to work with porcelain, as well as the ability to create precise and intricate patterns and details.


Moulds which I have made myself from found or existing objects provide the starting point for a design, which I then decorate and adapt. 


I use a variety of techniques including inlay, carving shapes and creating unique motifs, as well as indentation and occasionally glazes.  I like to leave many of my pieces unglazed to show off the purity of the medium.


I draw inspiration from nature such as flowers and birds, as well as the rhythm of patterns found in water droplets, pearls and even microscopic organisms. 


I prefer to stick to the ethos behind ‘hand-made’ so that every new vessel is its own piece of art, with a slightly different colour-way or design. 


Sometimes the shapes distort slightly, which is a beautiful and unique part of the hand-made process.