Text Box: Jasmina Ajzenkol  ARBSA

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Jasmina lives and works in Solihull. She has a BSc. (Hons) degree in Geotechnical Engineering but she fell in love with ceramics once she had experienced the qualities of clay and its immediate response to her hands. She later obtained a City and Guilds certificate in Design and Craft in ceramics.


I am interested in simple forms and in exploring ideas about line, shape, form, balance, depth and texture. I find my inspiration for both forms and surface in nature. The shapes and forms of seedpods, shells and other water creatures have influenced my vessel forms. The rhythms of the landscape are the inspiration for texture, colour and surface quality of my work.

All pieces are hand built using stoneware body. I like contrast between rough and smooth, glazed and textured clay surfaces. I combine the contrasting techniques of layering, distressing the surface of pots by scratching and carving into clay, and burnishing to create a three-dimensional texture using a series of different levels and depths encouraging the eye to move in, rather than bounce away. These are enhanced by the subsequent use of oxides and glazes.