Text Box: Paul Jenkins

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Paul Jenkins was born in the West Midlands, in 1949. He worked as a roofing contractor for many years and did not discover he could sculpture until the early 70ís and originally started sculpturing wood but soon preferred clay and wax. He then went on to study ceramics at Dudley College of Art.


Paul has worked as a designer for various companies around the world including the Metropolitan Museum in New York, one of his pieces being a commission to reproduce the exact size, shape and colour of a rare l850's tea pot which was exhibited at the museum.


Paulís Inspirations come from his love of nature especially animals, many of his pieces are inspired from direct observations of wild animals in their natural habitat.


Others who produce raku sculptures can use tongs to pick up pieces. Because of the delicate nature of the finish and the sculptures he has to pick up the pieces by hand which is somewhat dangerous.