Text Box: Barry Lockwood

I originally trained as a designer in printed textiles, with a supplementary option in printmaking.


I attended Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and Loughborough College of Art in the 60s and 70s, following this up with training to be an art teacher at Leeds Polytechnic, and yes, I did teach for while.


It was only later that I discover ceramics, over 30 years ago, and have recently been devoted to developing my skills in this area of practice.


I hand build all my ceramics, and in the main concentrate on Raku as a process.

I love the finishes that can be produced using Raku firing, which adds nicely to the finish that I try to achieve based on texture and applique. I strive always to improve my Raku skills, but still love the unexpected results. The very essence of ceramics is, probably, that moment of opening the kiln door.


I work in the cellar of our house, bisque firing with an electric kiln, but also have studio space at the Valley Farm Studios that allows for open air Raku firing.

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