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I have been an artist for over forty years, working in watercolour, oils and art printing and have been interested in pottery for about ten years. I have my own garage studio and kiln at home in Leicestershire and a Raku kiln in the garden. I became interested in pottery after visiting a country show and having a go on a wheel for a 2 charity donation.


I was quickly hooked by the blend of art and artisan that I had enjoyed in art printing where chemicals and processes are used. I like the five stages of pottery: design, making, decorating, firing and using. Also I enjoy the summer shows and a reason to research and learn techniques and visit exhibitions.


My influences are mainly from medieval designs and Japanese pottery. However, I make what comes to mind but normally from shapes I have seen at the V & A and exhibitions.


Raku is my favourite method as it is all action. My work was respected by the expert Raku potter, John Evans.