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Very sadly Peter passed away in April 2019. He was a long standing member of the MPA.

Peter trained at Manchester Polytechnic (1969- 1973), gaining First Hons Dip AD in 3D Design and discovering his passion for working with clay.


Following a post graduate teaching course, he went on to teach Art and Design in Birmingham until deciding in 2006 to concentrate full time on his ceramic work.


Peter’s current work consists mostly of wheel made pieces decorated with a tube lining technique and fired to a high earthenware temperature. He has experimented with various white firing clay bodies and is presently using  Valentine’s stoneware porcelain.


The designs that Peter uses, are inspired by natural forms and textures found in woodlands, on sea shores and by the detritus left by man in his efforts to contain and control nature.

The imagery reflects his interest in what the imagination may conjure from dead trees and decaying material and interweaving this with figures developed from life drawings.


There are influences from the works of Schiele and Klimt as well as Japanese Prints and the work of the Art Nouveau period.


Peter has shown work extensively throughout the country.