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Text Box: June Ridgway ARBSA

My introduction to ceramics began at the Harrogate School of Art. After which I gained a 2.1 in Ceramics/ 3D Design at Wolverhampton Polytechnic followed by PGCE at Birmingham Polytechnic. After teaching part-time for many years, I now work full-time on my ceramic practice.


The work is coil built, burnished and saggar fired. My inspiration is from a number of sources: erosion or weathering, just as the patina of age takes its course over any surface subjected to the elements, so the smoke and the added ingredients placed in the saggar, such as sawdust, salt, wire, oxides, make their unique marks directly on the satin, burnished surface of the piece.


Breaking square tiles, and sometimes my coil built forms, placing them in different areas of the kiln or even different firings creates an exciting result, a juxtaposition of opposites, when the fragments are finally reassembled. The use of underglaze colours is also used for this particular aspect of my ceramics.


Photography by Alex Ridgway