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Text Box: Ken Palmer

I have a wide range of skills in wood and metal, having taught for a number of years, in Birmingham secondary schools.  Taking a  Ceramics and Glass Degree  at Wolverhampton University has extended my grasp of ceramics and glass, stretching my creative ingenuity.


One of the modules of the glass course was the casting of glass by the lost wax process. I am now experimenting with a similar process with the view to the  casting of bronze.  I hope to combine bronze and  ceramic objects so as to contrast and compare their properties.


My main interest in ceramics is Raku work, the involvement with the fire, flame and smoke is irresistible!  Apart from the excitement of the firing, the unpredictability of the results offers a distinct buzz. 


I do not have a fondness for thrown work and the greater bulk of my production is taken up with sculpture and hand build objects. I like to insert a degree of ambiguity into my work so that the observer has to decide for themselves the meaning of the piece.