Text Box: Caroline Bennett
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After attaining a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture) at the University of East London Caroline relocated to Bridgnorth and completed an HND in Ceramics at Dudley College in the West Midlands to further her knowledge, style and technique.



She describes herself as both a sculptor and a ceramicist who uses a variety of materials, principally clay, to create organic, free-flowing sculptures for gardens and idiosyncratic functional ware for homes using hand-building, throwing and slip-casting techniques. 



She experiments widely with surface finishes, using dry, matt glazes to recreate natural colours and textures for sculptural pieces as well as smooth, high-shine glazes for functional ware.



Much of her inspiration is drawn from observations of the natural environment and from the juxtaposition of industrial versus nature. Her work reflects the gentle shapes and re-occurring patterns of seed pods and plants, along with the harsh and even brutal reality of natureís defences, such as brambles and hawthorns. Her figurative pieces reflect manís raw, earth-bound and transient nature as well as the time-damaged relics of classical sculpture.

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