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                                 Exhibitions  2020 and 2021

'Midlands Potters Woodbridge Gallery Open Exhibition'

An Open Selling Exhibition at the Woodbridge Gallery, Woodbridge Road, Moseley, Birmingham from the 27th Nov - 5th Dec showing work by 10 MPA members. This is the annual MPA exhibition at this venue and there will be a variety of styles of work available to buy.  

'Midlands Potters Rugby Gallery Open Exhibition' - Details are on RAGM site Here

An Open Selling Exhibition at the Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, Floor One Gallery from the 10th - 22rd July showing work by 15 MPA members. This is the second time that MPA has been able to exhibit at this venue and there is a great range of work on display.  

'Midlands Potters Online Exhibition' - Now Available Here

A Virtual Selling Exhibition from the 28th Nov - 27th Dec 2020 showing work by 20 MPA members.  

'In Flames of Fire'   This event has been postponed until 2021

Midland Potters Selected Exhibition - Worcester Cathedral

23rd May - 14th June 2020  

In Flames of Fire' will be an MPA exhibition in the Dean’s Chapel at Worcester Cathedral

The Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral have once again offered the MPA the Dean’s Chapel in the Cathedral for an exhibition of members work.  The dates of the exhibition are 23rd May - 14th June 2020.  This is a selected exhibition and twelve members have been selected.

The selection committee made their choice of artists/potters from the submitted photographs.  Please note that submitted photographs may be used in promotional material.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Exhibitions Coordinator jiseys@me.com if you have any questions about the process or if you would like further details about the quality of photographs to submit.

If submitting hard copy photographs please send them to: The Exhibitions Coordinator, ‘Lark Rise’, 5 Back Lane, Harborough Magna, CV23 0HT 


Midlands Potters Open Exhibition 2020    Postponed until 2021

Rugby, Floor One Gallery 10th - 24th July 2020  

The MPA has been granted a two-week slot at the Floor One gallery in Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.  This is the second time that MPA has been able to exhibit at this venue.  The exhibition is open to all paid-up members of the Midlands Potters Association.

The space is quite small but the gallery is modern, light and airy. The MPA will make every effort to include the work of all members who indicate that they would like to take part in the exhibition.  A limit for the number of pieces exhibited by each member will apply (to be confirmed).  An exhibition fee of £15 will be charged to cover costs associated with the exhibition.  Please email David Jones (MPA Exhibitions Coordinator) on jiseys@me.com  with your name, a written description of your work (no more than 100 words) and a single representative photograph of your work by Friday 24th April (sooner if possible).  Please note that photographs may be used in promotional material.

Important dates: You will be expected to deliver your work for setting up on Friday 10th July and collect any unsold work on Friday 24th July.


Midlands Potters 'Open' Exhibition 2020

Woodbridge Gallery 27th November - 6th December

The MPA will be holding its now 'annual' exhibition at Woodbridge Gallery in Moseley, Birmingham during the last week of November and the first week of December 2020.  The exhibition is open to all paid-up members of the Midlands Potters Association.  There is a limit to the number of exhibitors (maximum 25) so please indicate your intention to take part as soon as possible.

The maximum number of pieces you can exhibit is 20 (please remember that if you bring too many pieces your display may look crowded and unattractive).

An entry fee of £15 will be charged to cover costs associated with setting up the event and the gallery charges 10% commission on sales.  The £15 fee will be payable at the setting up of the exhibition on 27th November - you must pay the entry fee or your exhibition will be taken down.  All proceeds from sales will be paid into the MPA account and exhibitors will receive the proceeds from sales minus10% commission which will be paid to the gallery by the MPA.  The hire of the gallery space 10 days, is paid for by the MPA on behalf of the members as a membership benefit.

Please note that all tables and cloths and a limited number of plinths will be provided by the MPA.  If you would like to bring some plinths of your own to help with you display that would be helpful.  If you wish to hang work then please provide appropriate fixings and be aware that any damage to the walls will need to be repaired at the en of the exhibition.

If you have not already indicated your intention to take part please let David Jones (MPA Exhibitions Coordinator) know via jiseys@me.com as soon as possible - there is a small number of places still available.

If you have already indicated that you would like to take part please provide written description of your work (no more than 100 words), which will be printed and accompany your work during the exhibition.

The deadline for entries is Friday 6th November.

Please note that setting up will be on Friday 27th November and dismantling will be on Sunday 6th December.  The exhibition runs from 28th November to 6th December.

Exhibitors will be expected to help 'steward' the exhibition.  The stewarding duties are split into mornings and afternoons and there are 16 sessions to cover over the 10 days.  If you are not exhibiting but would like to assist with stewarding it would be much appreciated.

Morning stewarding is 11.00am  - 2pm

Afternoon stewarding is 2pm - 5.00pm

Please list the dates and the sessions you are able to steward when indication your intention to take part.  The more dates and sessions you can be offer the easier it is for a schedule to be created.

Please note that in the current situation with COVID, strict social distancing measures will be in force and a one-way system will be in place.  The use of hand sanitiser will be required for everyone on entry to the exhibition and face masks must be worn at all times.


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Dec 5th


July 10th -

July 22nd

Nov 28th -

Dec 27th


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