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                       Exhibitions 2019








An exhibition, open to all MPA members, will take place at the Woodbridge Gallery in Moseley, Birmingham.  We will set up on 23rd November and take down at 4.00 pm on Sunday, 2nd December. There will be no exhibition fees but a small commission will be charged on sales and stewarding will be needed by the exhibitors.  Applications to Sue on slilleman@aol.com



A selected, themed exhibition called ‘Burnt Offerings’ at The Pound Art Centre, Pound Pill, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9HX.  See www.poundarts.org.uk  The selection process will begin with applicants sending images of their current work to David Jones by 31st January, 2019.

Selection Process   Stage 1

Photographs of work must be submitted in the first instance to David Jones, MPA Exhibitions Coordinator, by email jiseys@me.com by 31st January, 2019.  Photographs must show the work clearly against a plain neutral background and include a small everyday object, e.g. a 50p coin or a ruler, to indicate scale. (Please note that photographs of work that do not follow these requirements will not be considered by the selection committee).  Photographs may show more than one piece as long as the scale is clearly shown.  The selection committee will make their initial choice of artists/potters from the photographs.  Please note that submitted photographs may be used in promotional material.


Stage 2

Those artists/potters chosen will be invited to deliver work for a selection day during April 2019, at Rose Pottery, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13  6JP.  The selection committee will choose the actual pieces of work to be exhibited.  The pieces submitted do not need to be those in the photographs but they do need to be similar in style and scale.  Members will be able to collect work that has not been selected from Lichfield at a date to be confirmed after 19th April 2019.


Stage 3

Work selected will be packaged carefully and David Jones will transport it to the exhibition venue in Corsham on 23rd April, 2019.  MPA Members will not be required to deliver or collect work to/from The Pound, unless they wish to do so.  Soon after the end of the exhibition, David Jones will pack and transport any unsold work to Lichfield, ready for collection (date to be confirmed).


The Pound will take 40% commission.  Work is insured whilst exhibited at The Pound.  Please do not hesitate to contact David Jones by email if you have any questions about the process or if you would like further details about the quality of photographs to submit. 


If you would prefer to submit hard copy photographs please contact David Jones to obtain the address.










24th November - 2nd December





25th April - 31st May

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