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Text Box: Text Box: Peter Cosentino


Very sadly, Peter passed away in September 2018. He was a long standing member of the MPA

I have been fascinated by the technique and creative potential of throwing from my initial discovery of a pottery kick wheel in the art room of my secondary school over 40 years ago. My love of throwing has never diminished and consequently almost all of my work begins life on the wheel.

My current interests lie in the exploration of tensions between shape, proportion and balance and a personal enjoyment of pushing clay to extremes of what it will allow me to do. I particularly enjoy producing ‘full’ rounded forms which is a reoccurring element through my work. I often gently inflate my pots as soon as throwing is complete in order to achieve a tension of fullness in the shape.

I prefer to produce work in small batches of up to a dozen or so pieces at a time with each piece evolving and altering slightly from the previous one.

During the past two years I have been exploring the surface potential of crystalline glazes which now account for most of my studio time. Most recently I have combined the often difficult crystalline glazing techniques with saggar firing reduction. 

I use mostly white stoneware clay and occasionally porcelain. My crystalline glazes are fired to 1260°C and then soaked at approximately 1050°C for up to 5 hours in top loading electric kilns.