Text Box: Ronnie Diggins

I started pottery as a result of studying an interior design course. The pottery group next door would come into our room to leave their pots for drying. I went on a taster session over 15 years ago and from the start loved throwing pots on the wheel. I have spent many hours and many years in pottery studios in Birmingham, Sutton and Lichfield improving my skills on the wheel.


I currently use the pottery studios at the Midlands Arts Centre (M.A.C), and I have been an artist pass holder there for several years. This scheme is highly essential to me for practical, social and personal reasons. It has allowed me to grow and develop as an artist.


My pieces are all unique and individual. I will throw bowls which are smooth from St Thomas stoneware. I will throw my organic range with crank and occasionally I will throw with porcelain.

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