Text Box: Dr. Athina N. Bastien


Athina is an independent ceramic artist and Associate Member of the Craft Potters’ Association (CPA).  An educator and organisational behaviour researcher in Higher Education, originally from Athens, Greece, she made Coventry her home in 1992. In 2013 she decided to follow her long held vision of creating ceramics.

Her creations include hand-built and wheel-thrown decorative and functional pottery in stoneware, earthenware and porcelain flax paper clay.  Athina draws her inspiration from the movement, textures, shapes, colours and memories of seascapes and landscapes. Many of her creations represent recollections and experiences of Mediterranean and Atlantic seascapes fusing the Aegean blue transparency with the St Ives Bay aquamarine reflections.

Athina remains committed to continuous personal and professional development and aspires to grow and develop as an artist through the exploration and creation of technically sound and aesthetically meaningful work.