Text Box: Michael White

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I was taught basic skills at evening classes over a number of years by a professional who had made it his business to be competent in a very wide range of ceramic work. Consequently I have had as much pleasure trying to produce a decent oven-proof lidded casserole (woe betide me if the lid rattled even a millimetre which it usually did and still does) as a piece of lustred Raku. I am particularly keen to explore interesting surface effects on thrown and burnished or TS pieces.

I love the idea of the control exerted by the potter in producing a burnished symmetrical piece being challenged by the natural randomness of the processes which go on in Raku, reduction or in the sawdust pit or the saggar or indeed in the controlled environment inside an electric kiln in which macro crystalline glaze recipes are doing magical things. Some of the contemporary ceramic artists whose work I find inspiring include Tim Andrews, Antonia Salmon, Peter Hayes, John Wheeldon, Ardine Spitters, Christine Gittins, Ashraf Hanna and Peter Ilsley.