Text Box: Penny Allerton

For about the last 10 years, I have been attending pottery classes in adult education in Leicester. I have a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher in Gerry Unsworth who has encouraged me in developing my ideas. I have bought a Nabertherm kiln which has been installed in my garage, and I am still getting the hang of firing.

I have been smoking pots in a dustbin in my garden and have had varied but interesting results. I want to try and use different materials and saggar firing to obtain more unusual effects. I hand build by coiling pots and burnishing using my own terra sigillata which brings a warm glow to the pots

For the last 3 years I have also tried Raku firing, especially Naked Raku and have been to the Raku Garden in Croatia where I was introduced to the mysteries of Raku. I have used a borrowed Raku kiln in the garden, and now my children have bought me a make-your-own Raku kiln kit, which I have yet to assemble. I find the Raku firing a little scary and have tried to judge the 'readiness' of the glazing by eye, but the revealing of the finished work is exciting.

I enjoy the making and finishing, but am not so confident with glazing.

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