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I live in Loughborough, in the East Midlands. My journey with clay started when pottery was an option as therapy in my local hospital. I found the creative process helped me fight the demons of mental ill health and re-focussed my life. I have a degree in Textile Design and I find myself decorating all sorts of surfaces. The difficulty I have found with clay is working with the 3D form.


After a year of evening classes I was still so enthusiastic that I set up a home studio and began to experiment. That was 5 years ago and Iím still finding my feet. I switch from hand built to wheel thrown items, depending on the project Iíve set myself, or have been asked to do.


The surface decoration is basically textural and often incorporates the human form. I use the ĎSgraffitoí technique on various clay bodies using underglaze and clear glaze. I have only recently discovered the joy of glazes for their own unique effects on surface texture. I think Iíll always be a novice, but Iíll never be bored.


I share my work on Instagram and appreciate the pottery community support. I am hoping to develop closer connections with more local potters and enthusiasts in the future.

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