Alex Carroll.

I tried pottery for the first time a couple of years ago after getting hooked watching the Great Pottery Throwdown on BBC. I joined Sundragon Pottery on Moseley Road and attended a couple of times a week for a year before I moved jobs and couldn’t get there so easily.

Since the pandemic started I moved house to Northfield and have a nice big utility room that I’ve turned into a small pottery studio with a wheel, handbuilding area and kiln. Despite this I still feel like a novice and would love to be part of this network to get tips and advice and be part of a community.

I took to wheel throwing quite quickly but need some help with getting back to basics as I’ve basically taught myself and probably have lots of bad habits! Id really like to be able to pay for a few lessons on the wheel and on running my studio in general including wheel maintenance, how to fire my kiln etc. If anyone can offer some general tuition/mentoring in these areas I’d be grateful.