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This site was updated on: 7th December 2017


Some events, exhibitions and meetings have been updated for 2017 and 2018


Pages were added for David Jones, Helen Button, Ronnie Diggins, Molly Abbott, Barbara Pianca and Richard Jones.


Pages were up-dated for Andrew Matheson, Karen James, Ruth Tyler, Petra Röhr-Rouendaal, Hazel Thomson and Stephen Adams.

President-Joe Finch

Hon. Member - Henry Sandon

About the Association


Our aim is to promote the sharing and communication of ideas, techniques

 and experiences among those interested in ceramics


The Midlands Potters Association is a non profit making organisation and is run by a volunteer committee which meets six times a year


Founded in 1980 the membership has grown from 35 to over 135.  The membership spans ten counties in the Midlands area and also has members in Wales, Scotland and overseas.  The Honorary President is Joe Finch and Henry Sandon is an Honorary Member.  Membership is open to everyone interested in ceramics whether you are a professional, student, complete beginner, hobbyist, workshop group, collector, gallery or supplier.


If you have an enthusiasm for the making and firing of clay, please join us.


For general enquiries please contact admin@midlandspotters.co.uk

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Welcome to the Midlands Potters Association